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12.4 What we spend and how we spend it

This category covers information on the institution’s strategy and management of financial resources. The finance department provides accounting, procurement and contracting services, helping to make best use of resources and fulfilling statutory responsibilities. Information that may substantially prejudice the commercial interests of any person, personal information, or information which would disrupt the effective conduct of public affairs will be excluded from publication.

Class NameClass Description
Financial statements

Annual Accounts 2017

Annual Accounts 2016

Annual Accounts 2015

Financial statements required by statute, eg sections 31 and 33 of the Public Service Reform (Scotland) Act do not apply.

Financial policies and procedures for budget allocation

Debt management policy and procedure

Value for money policy

Sustainability policy

Purchasing plans and capital funding plans

Estates strategy

Operational Plan 2012-13

Operational Plan 2013-14

Financial administration manual / internal financial regulations

Financial Regulations

Treasury Management Policy

Expenses policies and procedures

Staff travel and expenses policy and procedures

Internal audit report on travel

Senior staff remuneration 2012- 13
Senior staff: £40-£50k salary band - number of senior staff – 4
£50-£60k salary band - number of senior staff- 1
£60-£70k - number of senior staff/principal – 1
Board member and College secretary expenses

Board members' expenses claimed 2016-17

Board members' expenses claimed 2015-16

Board members' expenses claimed 2014-15

Board member remuneration Non-executive members of the board are not remunerated for board member membership.
Pay and grading structure

Teaching salary grades and scales

Support staff salary grades and scales

Investments WHC UHI holds funds in term deposit account with the Clydesdale Bank, maturing December 2012
Funding available Funding available from the College; how to apply for it and funding awards made