Section 6 - Our charging policy


This section explains when we may make a charge for our publications and how any charge will be calculated.

There is no charge to view information on our website or at our premises.

We may charge for providing information to you e.g. photocopying and postage, but we will charge you no more than it actually costs us to do so. We will always tell you what the cost is before providing the information to you.

Our photocopying charge per sheet of paper is shown in the tables below:

Black and white photocopying

Size of paperPence per sheet of paper
A1 10
A2 10
A3 10
A4 10
A5 10

Colour photocopying

Size of paperPence per sheet of paper
A1 30
A2 30
A3 30
A4 30
A5 30

Information provided on CD-Rom will be charged at £1.00 per computer disc.

Postage costs will be recharged at the rate we pay to send the information to you.

When providing copies of pre-printed publications, we will charge no more than the cost per copy of the total print run.

We do not pass any other costs on to you in relation to our published information.

This charging schedule does not apply to our commercial publications (see Class 8 below).