Lewis Sturrock

Lewis has been involved in Digital Arts and Music since before attending nursery, where he also developed some primitive Robotics. He recorded the highest SAT scores in the UK. During his school years, he was involved in Youth Parliament Work and headed several charitable projects in the area including the Skate Park and the Fusion Project for which he received recognition at Parliament. He then went on to study at 17 at University of Wales College Newport achieving a BA(Hons) Animation.

After this Lewis explored a number of careers in the private sector including Emergency Services Network Maintenance at BT, working for Bermuda Shorts Ltd (a film company) in London, and having a successful career in Finance within Lloyd's Banking Group. This was all while being actively involved in the music scene, playing at, promoting and attending events and Festivals.

More recently Lewis created and has grown a position for himself at West Highland College UHI liaising with consultants to build the Computing Sector and securing its future pathways. He also completes freelance commissions in Video, Audio, Web and Interactive areas.