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Centre for Technology, Science and Engineering content

Centre for Technology, Science and Engineering

We are building a future curriculum that will meet the needs of students of the 21st Century who will require digital and STEM Skills and qualifications.

We're also supporting businesses who seek to develop their operations and their employees to create more economic growth and prosperity for the region. Read more about our STEM vision here

Graphic of proposed Science Centre

Digitally Human content

Digitally Human

SLP students on group call 2020

"Colleges transform lives and are at the heart of communities across the UK’s four nations” says a new report from the College Commission.

One of the ways we will do this at West Highland College UHI is to ensure that our students have access to learning that is both personal and digital, underpinned by excellent practice from their lecturers and our support teams. Here are a couple of case studies from our Virtual School and from our Supported Learning Programme students to explain how it works.

Centre for Recreation and Tourism Research content

Centre for Recreation and Tourism Research

Our researchers work on a number of exciting trans-national projects to help develop new business opportunities across a range of tourism sub-sectors. From developing new business-focussed courses in wellbeing tourism to developing apps to enhance the consumer experience, our initiatives are all aimed at supporting the development and diversification of tourism businesses in Scotland.

As the tourism sector starts to revitalise after the ravages of 2020 we're well-placed to help businesses look forward with a sense of renewed optimism. Read more about some of our latest projects here.

Tourists to Baffin, Canada. Mountain landscape, trail of people walking. Image by Dr Katie Murray CRTR