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Gateway to Skills and Education - Developing Skills & Building Opportunity

Building OpportunitiesOur Gateway to Skills and Education programme is a range of courses aimed particularly at those who need more supported learning to achieve more independence in essential, vocational, academic and employability skills.

Its designed for those who have left or are just about to leave school, or who wish to return to learning, but have few academic or vocational qualifications. It will help them create their own career and learning pathways; allowing a flexible, supported route to more learning or employment.

Our lecturers are expert at working with students to create a personalised learning experience based on developing skills, creativity and self-confidence and through a college-wide variety of qualifications between SCQF levels 2-5 (Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework).

Our Gateway to Skills and Education also offers some students a progression route to other full-time college courses.

  1. Access to Skills and Learning Programme (SLP) for people with recognised support needs
  2. BOpps Transition, a pre-course for school students who are soon to leave but are undecided about their next steps
  3. BOpps: Building Opportunities for the Future for people without academic or vocational qualifications
  4. A2FE: Access to Further Education for people who aren’t sure about what to do next and want to experience a variety of college courses

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Access to Skills and Learning Programme (SLP)

These classes are specifically designed for students with support needs. Students can attend some or all classes in a range of subjects. Students will take part in creative activities and develop new skills and also have the chance to meet with friends in a friendly and supportive environment.

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BOpps: Transition, a pre-course

This part-time course is specifically designed for students still at school who are interested in either the BOpps or the SLP courses particularly or any of the courses through our Gateway programme. BOpps Transition students will make a timetable with lecturers for one day in the week which fits in with their existing commitments. This will allow students to experience a college setting and build confidence and skills at their own pace while they decide about the future. Parents apply to the college directly to arrange an informal chat and an interview.

BOpps: Building Opportunities for the Future

This full time course is specifically designed for students who are about to leave school but who don’t know what to do next. This course focusses on essential skills development by providing the opportunity to try the wide range of practical subjects that the college offers. Students gain confidence and qualifications which will help them take more control of the future.

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A2FE: Access to Further Education

This course is specifically designed for students who have left school recently, or at any time. It is also for students who might have progressed from the BOpps or SLP courses. Throughout the year, students will be given opportunities to try out a college wide variety of other full time courses. 60% of last year’s Access to Further Education students took up full-time college courses while others went back to the workplace.

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Katie Wrigglesworth

"Building Opportunities has been a great experience. It has helped my confidence improve. The trips and choice of subjects are great fun. The tutors are all a great support."

Katie Wrigglesworth



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