Class of 2020 graduation award winners

Presenting this year's West Highland College UHI winners for industry awards in Hospitality, Cookery and Maritime Skills.

Industry awards are an important part of our Graduation celebrations each year, allowing our students to be recognised for their talents and dedication in their chosen discipline and reinforcing our strong links with businesses in the community.

Agata Jopek holding the Springboard Award

Agata Jopek – Springboard Hospitality Award

Hospitality and Professional Cookery NC Level 5   

A huge congratulations to Agata Jopek who was selected for the Graduation 2020 Springboard Hospitality Award. She completed Hospitality & Professional Cookery NC 5 with us this year with dedication and impressive ability.
Charlene Aitchison, Course Leader for Professional Cookery, told us a bit about why she was such a strong candidate for the award: "Agata won this award for the skills and confidence that she was able to develop and demonstrate in all the activities she took part in throughout the year. She pushed herself into situations that were intimidating for her to start with but were also invaluable to her own personal growth working towards a future in the hospitality industry."
Springboard Scotland's Kelly Johnstone shared her thoughts on Agata's successes: "Springboard wants to congratulate Agata for all her hard work and for pushing herself, truly a great way to enter into a wonderful industry. Whilst the industry is suffering at the moment, we know it will pick itself back up and turn into the vibrant place it was before and we need people like Agata. Well done!"
Glen Suttie holding the Strathmore Award

Glen Suttie – Strathmore Award

Professional Cookery NC Level 6

Best wishes to Glen Suttie who was chosen for the Graduation 2020 Strathmore Award, well done! "He received this award for demonstrating his determination and goal setting to grow his skills, knowledge and understanding of professional cookery within the Hospitality industry," said Charlene Aitchison, Course Leader for Professional Cookery, who taught him on the NC Level 6 course.
"His drive for a new career path allowed him to expand on his passion to cook and to secure a role within a professional kitchen. His success is a real encouragement to anyone who is looking toward a career in the Hospitality industry."

Wooden etched Mallaig Harbour Award for Endeavour

Michael MacLellan – Mallaig Harbour Authority Award

Shipping and Maritime Operations NC Level 6

His hard work and inspiring development on our Shipping and Maritime Operations NC Level 6 course was evident. Jane Henderson, Mallaig Centre Manager and RYA/MCA Principal, shared her thoughts on Michael's selection for this award: "All of us in the team at West Highland College UHI – Mallaig are extremely proud of Michael’s achievements. He has studied with us for two years now."
"Initially, he was very nervous and apprehensive but as his confidence grew he blossomed and developed a good knowledge of working vessels and shipboard operations. He’s now employed locally and is a credit to the college and the course."
Congratulations to all of our winners, we are immensely proud of you all and we cannot wait to see the next steps on your journey.