TikTok & Gigs at College!

West Highland College UHI announces new courses for budding streamers and musicians.

West Highland College UHI is introducing new evening courses to meet the demand from streamers and performers in the Highlands to gain a professional edge.  

This month, the college is launching “Digital Content Creation” and “Getting Gig Ready” to provide skills and business awareness for those who want to extend their abilities and show case their talents to a wider audience.

The Digital Content Creation course will include podcasting and animation to stream, create content, or work behind the scenes on platforms YouTube, TikTok, Twitch and Instagram. 

Lewis Sturrock is a lecturer at West Highland College UHI:

“I am really excited to be able to offer this brand new course, Digital Content Creation NQ free to anyone across Scotland who is over the age of 16. That’s because it’s delivered using our online classroom method so that students meet each other virtually in real time but also have the benefits of fully recorded sessions to review. It covers everything from how to get started or improve their skills, setting up lighting for going live, managing overlays and chat for streaming so its suitable for anyone from beginner to expert.”

Getting Gig Ready will allow musicians and performers to better understand the world of gigging. The course will take students through the planning, preparation, promotion and performance aspects of a gig. The course has been developed by local musician and lecturer Ally Murray:

Getting Gig Ready was introduced to allow musicians and DJ’s a way to brush up on their skills or develop new skills so that they are ready to get out there and perform a gig. Throughout the course we will discover how to create the perfect set list, techniques for getting the most out of rehearsals, how to set up your equipment to get the best sound in any venue, process for promoting your gigs and finally how to get on stage and perform. And most importantly the course material is accessed online and can be studied in your free time. It means you don’t have to travel to our classes and can study from the comfort of your home.”

Key Course Information

Digital Content Creation: Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings each week    

Getting Gig Ready: Study in your own time but with regular support drop-ins

Both courses are free and fully online

Open to anyone 16+

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