About us


CRTR is one of Scotland’s leading tourism research centres, with a huge network of overseas colleagues, clients and collaborators and an impressive portfolio of activity built up since the centre’s inception in 2012. Undertaking a range of activities, from academic and applied research to participation in trans-national projects, the centre is uniquely placed for tourism research.

Working closely with the School of Adventure Studies, the centre provides research and consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Nature-based and adventure tourism
  • Quantitative visitor surveys
  • Qualitative interviews and ethnography research
  • Tourism destination development
  • Marketing tourism products and services
  • European and national funding applications
  • Product development

In 2022 the centre is involved in or leading a broad range of trans-national, applied research tourism projects:

CRTR also co-ordinates the activities and membership of the global Adventure Tourism Research Association, including its annual International Adventure Conference.

The burgeoning Slow Adventure® movement originated from the centre and it continues to support and champion its development as an ethos and marketing concept.

For more information please email steve.taylor.whc@uhi.ac.uk or follow us on social media.