Dr Steve Taylor


Head of Centre

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e: Steve Taylor

Current research

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Steve’s current workload is centred on project management and development, consultancy and academic research. With a track record of securing EU-funding for projects, the development of tourism and outdoor recreation projects through funding streams such as Interreg, ERDF, Horizon 2020 and ERASMUS+ is a central part of his duties.

One of Steve’s principal current roles is the management of the DETOUR trans-national project, financed through the ERASMUS+ programme. The project parallels the ADVENT Erasmus+ initiative, run by close colleagues in Iceland. The projects aim to develop the skills of students and SMEs in the wellbeing tourism and adventure tourism sectors respectively, with a focus on digital marketing and product development skills.
He is centrally involved in three of CRTR’s other current projects: the PERICLES Horizon 2020 project, and two 2020-2022 projects co-financed by the Northern Periphery and Arctic programme region: StoryTagging, exploring digital solutions to promote the creative industry sector, and SCITOUR, centred on the development of a scientific tourism brand and platform to promote new tourism products.

Steve has been involved in the development of the Slow Adventure® marketing concept since 2014.  Having developed the ‘Slow Adventure in Northern Territories’ Interreg project, he is a co-founder and director of Slow Adventure Ltd, created to develop, promote and sell ‘slow adventures’ across Europe.


PhD in Tourism, University of Otago, New Zealand

MSc (with Distinction) in Rural and Regional Resources Planning, University of Aberdeen

BA (Hons) in Geography, University of Leeds


Steve has a background in sustainable travel. He worked for the public sector for five years developing transport policy, writing successful European funding applications and managing projects such as the Interreg IIIC ‘Concept’ sustainable transport project. A move into the private sector, working as Principal Consultant for Capita Symonds, saw him developing further project management experience in the sustainable transport sector. At this time he developed a great passion for mountain biking.

Seeking his next challenge, Steve left the UK to undertake his adventure tourism PhD in New Zealand. His thesis was entitled “Extending the Dream Machine’: Understanding Dedicated Participation in Mountain Biking. Using a qualitative method of in-depth interviews and general induction analysis, he interviewed mountain bikers in New Zealand and the UK to try to understand the range of psychological, sociological and physiological factors, along with site characteristics and information sources, which influence their participation.

Working a season in Whistler kindled Steve’s other outdoor passion, skiing. His other interests include hiking, winter mountaineering, travel and contemporary literature.

Research interests

Mountain biking

Sustainable travel/transport

Psychological elements of adventure sports

Peer pressure/social recognition of recreational participation

List of Publications

Cater, C., Albayrak, T., Caber, M. and Taylor, S. (2020) Flow, Satisfaction and Storytelling: A Causal Relationship? Evidence from Scuba Diving in Turkey.  Current Issues in Tourism, DOI: 10.1080/13683500.2020.1803221

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Conference Presentations

Taylor, S. (2017) Slow Adventure in Northern Territories.  Wild Scotland Conference, December 2017, Pitlochry.

Taylor, S. (2016) Have you had your vitamin N?  Promoting nature-based tourism in the northern periphery.  Critical Tourism Studies North America Conference, August 2016, Huntsville, Canada.

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