Gastrocert: Researching Scotland’s food heritage

Gastrocert is an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project researching the importance of Scotland’s local food.

The 30 month project aims to examine the ways Scottish food, heritage and identity might be promoted through tourism, particularly within the context of the Highlands and Islands. Complimentary research will be undertaken by academic partners in Sweden, Spain and Italy.

Gastrocert is designed to work with small and medium sized enterprises on the following:

  • Explore contested understandings of ‘local’ gastronomy
  • Interrogate ambiguities between broadening tourist markets and shifting conceptions of Scottish identity and food
  • Examine how local-regional food systems might enhance economic, cultural, social and environmental sustainability within the context of Scotland
  • Generate a toolkit for policy makers to better understand the opportunities, challenges and limitations in promoting gastro-tourism as a way to enhance regional sustainability


Project partners:

  • Gothenburg Research Institute at the School of Business, Economics and Law,  University of Gothenburg, Sweden (Project Leader)
  • The European Tourism Research Initiative (ETOUR), University of Mid-Sweden, Sweden
  • Spanish National Research Council, University de Girona, Spain
  • Department of Agriculture, Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, Italy


Further information

For more information on the project please contact the project officer, Anna de Jong, at the Centre for Recreation and Tourism Research (CRTR), West Highland College, University of the Highlands and Islands on 07874 702 900, or at


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