previous projects

Gastronomy: Researching Scotland’s food heritage

Gastrocert was a research project examining the touristic promotion of local gastronomy as an avenue in which to enhance Scotland’s cultural, social, environmental and economic sustainability. The 30-month, Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project saw the  centre work with academic partners undertaking complementary research into the development of local gastronomic regions in Sweden, Spain and Italy. Applied in its administration, Gastrocert aimed to determine entrepreneurial avenues, as well as the potential challenges, in encouraging the touristic promotion of local-regional food systems across Scotland, and in particular within the context of the Highlands and Islands.

Adventure Tourism in Scotland

Led by EKOS Gen in Edinburgh, CRTR was part of a consortium which successfully bid for this national study which seeks to provide an overview of the size, shape and composition of Scotland’s adventure tourism market and analyse how competitive and innovative the adventure tourism product offering is against top adventure destinations worldwide. Working for a consortium of clients led by Highlands and Islands Enterprise, the project was completed in February 2015.

LANDsARE Trans-national LEADER Project

This 18-month project, with partners in Italy and Germany, was focussed on the management, protection and development of natural landscapes. Better integrated forest management techniques, the eradication of invasive floral species and forest tourism form areas of particular relevance to the Highlands.

Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland: Review of Mountain Biking Developments And Potential Opportunities in Scotland

The Centre completed a two-part mountain biking project: first, a review of Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland over its first three years of operation and an assessment of progress in delivery of the objectives and key targets of the mountain biking national framework; second, a research exercise that informs recommendations for the development of mountain biking in Scotland, including undertaking focus groups and both qualitative and quantitative face-to-face interviews.

Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland: Highland Cluster Study

Identifying the gaps in mountain bike provision in the Highlands and developing recommendations for future growth, in terms of mountain bike tourism, participation and sports development, formed the basis of this study, along with a quantification of the potential economic growth in the sector.