Digital Media & Software Development NPA SCQF 6


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On this course, you will be introduced to software development and digital media production (includes audio, images and video).

Software Development focuses on planning and developing practical skills in software development allowing you to be able to solve problems and implement short computer programs.

Digital Media Production will teach you how to acquire, edit and produce digital media elements in a fundamental area within the field of digital media.You will also develop skills with a range of tools to acquire various digital elements from a range of different sources, editing and assembling them into a final product.


Level SCQF 6

Delivery Face to Face


Location School or College Centre depending on location

Duration 1 Year


Course content...

NPA in Software Development at SCQF level 4

NPA in Digital Media Production at SCQF level 6

What next...

If still in school, you could consider our Computer Science: Digital Media Animation and Web Design Fundamentals course or if you’re leaving school, our full time college course NC Computing with Digital Media.


Entry requirements...


You should have been working at level 4/5.