Early Learning and Childcare SFW


Pre-school child with painted hands

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Do you like spending time with children? Would you like to learn more about the development of children and the importance of play and care in their everyday lives? Providing childcare and early education creates many job opportunities. This is a hands-on introduction to the knowledge and skills needed to work with children aged 0-12 years. Through a range of practical workshops and lecturer-led sessions, you will gain a basic understanding of the key milestones in children’s development and learning. With guidance from your lecturer, you will learn to develop relevant skills such as team working and helping to plan play experiences while learning about the care and development of children.


Level SCQF 4

Delivery Face to Face


Location Fort William

Duration 1 Year


Course content...

  • Child Development
  • Play in Early Education and Childcare
  • Working in Early Learning and Childcare
  • Contemporary Families
  • Care of Children
  • Maintenance of a Safe Environment for Children

What next...

You could consider the college’s full time NC Child, Health and Social Care when you leave school.


Entry requirements...

You should be working towards level 4 qualifications.