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The Higher Environmental Science Course encourages the development of skills and resourcefulness, which lead to becoming a confident individual. Successful learners in environmental science think creatively, analyse and solve problems. Environmental science aims to produce responsible citizens, through studying relevant areas such as the living environment, the Earth’s resources and sustainability. Learners will be able to develop their communication and collaborative working skills.

Environmental science is an interdisciplinary subject, which draws from the sciences and social sciences. The Course is practical and experiential and develops scientific awareness of environmental issues.

Environmental scientists are involved in tackling issues such as global climate change, pollution, use of land and water resources and changes in wildlife habitats. It involves an understanding of scientific principles, economic influences and political action.



Level SCQF 6

Delivery Wednesday 6-9pm

                       Tutorial 5-6pm optional

Location Blended - WHC

Duration 1 Year


Course content...

Living environment
    investigating ecosystems and biodiversity
    human influences on biodiversity

Earth’s resources
    the geosphere
    the hydrosphere
    the biosphere
    the atmosphere

    global challenges
    waste management
    anthropogenic climate change

What next...

Higher Environmental Science provides suitable preparation for further study in subjects such as sciences or accountancy at HNC or degree level. The varied skills, knowledge and discipline offer students preparation for careers in research, environmental project work, waste management and environmental protection, Biodiversity worker, or other employment.


Entry requirements...

Learners would normally be expected to have attained the skills, knowledge and understanding required by the following or equivalent qualifications and/or experience:

♦ National 5 Environmental Science Course or relevant component Units

♦ National 5 Biology Course or relevant component Units

♦ National 5 Geography Course or relevant component Units

There are a variety of prior learning experiences which are relevant to candidates wishing to undertake this course which may be taken into consideration.

All applicants will need to satisfactorily complete an interview.