Degree Module: Climate, Land and People


SCQF Level 7


The module explains how climate, land and people are interconnected. Starting with an introduction to weather, climate and earth processes, the module will explore the interdependence of land cover, land type and soil type on these natural processes.  This is followed by a demonstration of how land and climate influence can determine and direct the character of the people that settle on, and exploit, the land. Case studies and examples from across the world, and different periods in history, are used to demonstrate how change in one part of this interconnected system may effect another.

On successful completion of this module you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the interactions between climate, land and people and their cultures, and the feedback and interdependence mechanisms which alter the equilibrium between them.
  • Have a sound understanding of all principal atmospheric and earth processes.
  • Understand the development and interaction of man with climate and land type through the ages, from pre-history hunter-gatherers, agricultural communities, through to the urbanisation of modern times.

Entry requirements:

Students should have passed 2 Highers at C or above.

Mode of delivery: Online

Duration: Semester 1 only - September to December

Further study might include: HNC Applied Science/further study in Science, Geography and Archaeology & Environmental Studies depending on additional qualifications and experience.

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