Degree Module: Physics for Life Science


SCQF Level 7

Face to face

This module s designed to enable learners to understand key aspects of physics. Learners will also develop practical skills in techniques relevant to physics.

On successful completion of the module you will be able to:

  • Describe and explain principles of waves and interference.
  • Describe and explain medical applications using lasers, electromagnetic spectrum and magnetic fields. 
  • Describe heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and equilibrium and elasticity.
  • Perform a practical experiment related to physics. 

Entry requirements: Students should have passed 2 Highers at C or above. C or above in National 5 Physics.

Mode of Delivery: Face to face, Mondays, 9am to 11am

Duration: Semester 2 only - January to May

Further study might include: This module supports life science and is a good alternatiuve to Advanced Higher Physics for pupils wishing to study chemistry or biological sciences at university. The module concentrates on the applications of Physics rather than the Maths and will act as a good bridge to science degree study.

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