Degree Module: Questions in Psychology


SCQF Level 7


As part of this module, you will be encouraged to distinguish between some of the myths of psychology which are present in much of popular psychology today.

You will  develop your own exploration and information searching and, in so doing, will be facilitated in your understanding of the distinction between popular versus academic psychology.

Questions that will be posed will be ones drawn from both classic studies of psychology as well as more current in order to ensure that you are familiar with the contributions that classic figures and theories have made to present day psychological thinking, as well as the rich developments that have evolved in more recent times.

Research blogging in psychology is becoming more common and you will be encouraged to develop skills in the exciting world of psychological enquiry.

Entry requirements:

Students should have passed 2 Highers at C or above.

Mode of delivery: Online

Duration: Semester 1 (September to December) OR Semester 2 (January to May)

Further study might include: HNC Social Services  or BSc (Hons) Psychology depending on additional qualifications and experience.

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