Degree module: Statistics for Science


SCQF Level 7

Face to face

This module is designed to enable you to utilise statistical techniques used in scientific analysis. You will develop an insight into where and when these statistical techniques should be employed, and will apply this knowledge in the context of scientific problems.

On successful completion of this module you will be able to:

  • Use and understand basic statistical concepts;
  • Use probability and probability distributions.

This module will support the completion of project work required in Science Highers and Advanced Highers by enhancing your ability in processing and analysing scientific information and data. The topics covered will allow you to have confidence in interpreting your project results using Excel to produce different types of statistical graph, analysis of the graphs and by completing standard deviation, coefficient of variation and standards error. You will learn how to produce probability trees and Venn diagrams, useful for analysing and calculating combined probabilities.

Entry requirements:

Students should have passed 2 Highers at C or above. C or above in National 5 Maths.

Mode of delivery: Face to face, Mondays, 10am to 3pm

Duration: Semester 1 only - September to December

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