CampbellGrant.jpg"As a Skye-based software SME, selling throughout the UK, I can confirm that the scarcity of appropriately skilled staff is by far the most limiting factor in business growth and job creation locally. In fact it is an acknowledge UK-wide economic development problem.

The future is digital and virtual. We desperately need more Computer Scientists and Software Engineers (not merely computer users) if this country is to compete in the global market for digital services. The education sector needs to adapt faster to the changing world of work and West Highland College UHI are leading the way in this."

Campbell Grant, Sitekit Ltd


Sitekit_Logo_small.jpgWest Highland College UHI offers a fa-software-development.pdf which has been recognised as a important sector for growth in Scotland and worldwide. We are working closely with schools and employers to ensure that our young people have the opportunity to gain the qualifications and experience they need to enjoy a successful career in this industry.