Funding information for EU/EEA Nationals

West Highland College UHI continues to welcome applicants and students from the European Union/European Economic Area and beyond.

We are pleased to confirm that the Scottish Government has made a commitment that eligible EU/EEA nationals studying in Scotland will continue to have access to free tuition, including tuition fee support from the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS).

This applies to existing students who commenced their course before 2017 and to students starting a new course with us in academic year 2017-18. We also now have confirmation that this will be extended to students starting in 2018-19.

SAAS will assess applications against existing eligibility criteria, and will provide funding in the normal way. These students will be eligible to apply for funding from SAAS for the duration of their course.

Further information about eligibility, funding and how to apply.

For clarification, the UK government has confirmed that there has been no change to the right of EU/EEA nationals to reside in the UK and therefore no change to the circumstances in which someone could be removed from the UK as a result of the UK referendum to leave the EU.

However, we would like to remind EU/EEA applicants and students that it is a requirement that you and any dependants living with you while you are studying the UK have comprehensive sickness insurance (CIS). This requirement can be met by obtaining the free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your home country.

Find out how to apply for an EHIC in your country