How will I study?


Our full time and part time courses are a blend of weekly timetabled learning and flexible, personal study time.

In full time and part time courses timetabled learning usually takes place with your lecturer in your class group. You could be based at home with a good internet connection or at one of our college centres.

Students can study many of our courses from multiple locations including college centres. You would be using video, audio, text chat and other interative features

Some courses require that you are based in a college campus for practical activities. You also need to complete regular flexible personal study activity each week which you can fit in around your other commitments.

Where will I study? content A construction student operating an electrical screwdriver

Where will I study?

Timetabled learning takes place in online virtual classrooms, workshops, studios, kitchens, salons, or the outdoors. You will learn together at the same time with your fellow students and your lecturer.

Learning can include practical activities, working through projects, designing things, group work, discussions, demonstrations, solving problems, experimenting and trying things out, role play, performance, presenting, leading on tasks and so on.

What is an online virtual classroom? content

What is an online virtual classroom?

An online virtual classroom is a virtual space, where you use video, audio, text chat and interactive features to engage in learning activities (as above) with your lecturer and fellow students.

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What is flexible, personal learning?

This is your personal learning time, where you decide when to study. Personal learning consists of learning that your lecturer sets for you to complete in addition to the self-directed learning which you choose for yourself. All course learning materials are available to access online. Examples of personal learning:

  • practising a task, activity or idea
  • watching a video or reading
  • researching and gathering information
  • completing an assignment or project-based task
  • small group collaboration
  • Self-directed study - choose what to revise or to research deeper

What is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)?

We use several different VLEs depending on the course that you study. A VLE provides an accessible online space for any of the following: to organise learning resources, to set weekly tasks, to communicate, to use discussion boards, complete activities such as quizzes, submit work evidence or assignments and receive class notifications. Some VLEs are designed specifically for work-based learning and take the form of an e-portfolio.

We will help you understand how to access the relevant VLE for your course during your induction.

Our college centres content

Our college centres

We have 10 college centres across the West Highlands where you are supported by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Here, you have the opportunity to mix with other students and use our well-equipped study space. You may be able to study some or all of your course from home to fit in with your personal commitments.

If you choose to study from home, then a suitable study space and a learning environment with adequate broadband connectivity for studying online and for video interaction will be needed.