Calumn Mackay


Outdoor Adventure NQ

Calumn Mackay

I grew up hiking, camping, kayaking and diving on and around the Isle of Skye. I chose this course because I wanted the opportunity to learn essential and invaluable skills, fundamental for the kind of life that I want to pursue. I wanted to try new activities such as mountain biking, sea kayaking, rock climbing and winter mountaineering.

Needless to say… so far It has been great. I have enjoyed improving my biking and sea kayaking and in particular, winter mountaineering. The chance to start building experience in mountaineering was one of the main reasons for choosing this course, and still continues to be one of my most important things that I will take away from it… and to have climbed my first mountain in winter, well that was nothing short of awesome.  

I think this course provides some of the most thorough training opportunities that you will find, for a diverse range of outdoor activities, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to develop their experience, and capabilities in the outdoor environment. I am going to go on to study Outdoor Leadership NQ in Fort William.