Heather Hepworth


Outdoor Leadership NQ

Heather Hepworth

I progressed onto Outdoor Leadership in Fort William having completed Outdoor Adventure on the Isle of Skye the year before. I’ve had some of the most amazing opportunities come my way through doing these two courses. I chose Outdoor Leadership as I wanted to learn more and stay within the outdoor and sports environment. I have enjoyed it because it gave me new practical skills and I experienced a lot of personal growth through meeting new people. I have recently found a great passion for climbing and other sports through the college. It’s been amazing to have the opportunity to push myself and develop by getting the knowledge and experience in the sports that I love. 

I would recommend this course because it’s a good environment and there is so much support for all of the students.  

My next step is to start one of the UHI degree courses to further my knowledge about the things that inspire me everyday. And I believe that this course has perfectly set me up for the things I want to achieve.