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There’s never a dull moment if you’re a student at UHI West Highland, the Highlands are a relaxed, vibrant place to live with a warm and welcoming communities throughout.  If you are considering studying here, there’s a fair chance that you’re already a lover of the great outdoors and living here will certainly not disappoint. The surrounding area is staggeringly beautiful and its environment is the perfect outdoor adventure playground.

The region has a relatively small and widely dispersed population and each college learning centre is unique because of its geographical location.

As you might expect, there is more on offer in the larger centres of population: Portree and Fort William. These small towns have a range of local clubs, sporting activities, leisure centres, shops, banks etc.

The majority of our college learning centres are in small communities, all of which have basic shops and other facilities either right there or within a few miles. Just because they are small, doesn’t mean they’re quiet and even in remote areas, you’ll find a wealth of activities and groups to get you involved.