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Immerse yourself in our extensive and diverse range of joint honours degrees in Gaelic, History, Philosophy, Archaeology, Criminology and more - or delve into current social and cultural thinking by starting with our Social Sciences NC and HNC courses.

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Social Sciences NC

Delve into key social science concepts in Research, Psychology, Sociology, Politics and more. Explore a wide range of subjects which complement each other in their explanation of the global, social and personal world.

  • Where? Anywhere with an internet connection
  • Full-time or Part-time? Full-time (18 hours per week)
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Social Sciences HNC

Find answers to the bigger questions in our society and see the world differently. Develop your critical thinking and complex problem solving abilities while looking for creative solutions to social, political and psychological problems.

This course is a great route to further study in many fields - including Psychology, Criminology, Politics and Sociology.

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Gaelic Scotland

Gaelic Scotland

Gaelic Scotland BA (Hons)

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