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Whether you are looking to enhance your climate knowledge or apply your learning to your chosen career, our sustainability courses will provide you with the skills to conserve our planet's natural resources and support its future wellbeing. 

With remote learning there's no need to uproot or commute so you can continue to develop your knoweldge wherever you are.

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Sustainability and the Environment

An introductory course providing a staightforward insight into sustainable development and why it is important for the safe future of our world and its inhabitants. Gain a greater understanding of climate issues and get a taste for what can be learned on our range of Sustainability and Environmental courses. 

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Sustainable Development CPD Award

Do you want to learn about current thinking on sustainable development? With fellow students from across Scotland and beyond, you will discuss and explore the climate emergency, the need to move to a wellbeing economy, and the solutions required to tackle the issues our communities and the wider world are facing.

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Sustainable Resource Management CPD Award

Relevant to anyone with an interest in land use, resource management and sustainability. This course provides opportunity to learn more about climate change, obtain specific skills such as GIS (Geographical Information Systems), and consider different sectors in more detail, such as agriculture, tourism, energy and waste, and environmental impacts on development and planning.

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Our Degree Courses:

Sustainable Development BA (Hons)