Employment & Development Team

Working with Skills Development Scotland delivering the Employability Fund at Stages 2, 3, 4, West Highland College UHI’s Employment and Development advisors can offer you an individualised approach to developing the skills needed to find employment or to help you to move on to more advanced forms of training.

We will offer you support in :

  • job searching through My World of Work and Universal Job Match websites
  • how to complete application forms
  • building your CV
  • preparing for an interview

We will help you achieve valuable work related certificates in :

  • preparing for employment
  • building employability skills
  • understanding the responsibilities of employment
  • dealing with work situations
  • Word processing /internet and online communications
  • skills for customer care

Our programmes are based on a 'roll on-roll off' model; you will spend some time in college and when you are ready, a work placement. Depending on age and individual circumstances you may be eligible for an attendance allowance.

We welcome enquiries from school leavers and those who are currently distanced from the workplace. There are options for progression within our employability programmes and our Employment and Development Advisors, other agencies and yourself will work together to identify the most appropriate programme to help you to develop general employability skills.

When you move into work, we will still be available to provide ongoing support, encouragement and motivation.